HAMP is extended an additional year and decreasing qualifications for program!

Changes announced Friday to the administration’s Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) are expected to extend relief to a larger share of struggling homeowners as well as renters, according to federal officials.

One of the key adjustments to the program centers around principal reductions. HAMP currently includes an option for servicers to provide underwater homeowners who are struggling with their payments with a modification that includes a principal writedown. Read more of this post


Port of San Diego Recognizes Waterfront Green Businesses

Century 21 Super Bowl 2012 Commercial has Donald Trump, Deion Sanders and Apolo Ohno

The Century 21 Super Bowl Ad will be the first for the real estate company. We already reported that the Century 21 commercial for the Super Bowl will have the theme that Century 21 Agents are Smarter. Bolder. Faster. Century 21 did not reveal anything about the story yet, but the NY Times reports that the Century 21 Super Bowl 2012 Ad will have Donald J. Trump in it.

This is a great choice as Donald Trump is an real estate icon and a great showman. The self-made billionaire is also again hosting the TV Show The Celebrity Apprentice on NBC. The new season premieres on February 19. I guess that played a role in Drump accepting to appear in the Century 21 Super Bowl Ad. Read more of this post

CENTURY 21 To Sprinkle Stardust On The Super Bowl

It is our pleasure to share a feature written by Stuart Elliott, veteran advertising and media reporter for the world’s top ranked newspaper, The New York Times, that announces the super star talent appearing in the CENTURY 21 Super Bowl commercial!

In his piece titled “For Super Bowl XLVI, a Bigger Batch of First-Time Advertisers”, Elliott describes the ads planned by a few stand out brands who are advertising during the big game for the first time. When talking about CENTURY 21’s spot, Elliott reveals: Read more of this post

Loan Mods on the Decline

As robo-signing reviews reach completion, servicers are beginning to work through some of their foreclosure backlogs, according to a third-quarter report from Moody’s Investors Service.

Moody’s reports that as servicers work through the bulk of their delinquencies, modifications are on the decline. Servicers are now turning to loss mitigation alternatives, including short sales and deeds in lieu, Moody’s says. Read more of this post

Vision For Charger Stadium Has A Face

Thanks to pension and budget crises, government dysfunction and a political culture of suspicion and mistrust, San Diego sometimes seems to have lost its ability to think big. If our city is to reach its potential, this must change, starting — but only starting — with the need for a new stadium for the Chargers, an expansion of the Convention Center and, indeed, the broader downtown waterfront.

We need to think about the options with fresh eyes, without preconceived notions of what is or is not possible. After weeks of interviews and other reporting, U-T San Diego has come to believe in a new vision. It is a vision that would not just integrate a new stadium with an expanded convention center, but, in phases, would include a sports/entertainment district with a new sports arena, new public parkland, public beach and promenades — all in an area that today is unsightly industrial property inaccessible to the public.

More expensive than current plans? Yes, with a total tab of perhaps $1.5 billion. But the rewards would be far greater, too. Read more of this post

30-year, fixed-rate mortgage hits new low

The 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage fell to 3.88% this past week, hitting a new low and marking its seventh consecutive week below 4%, Freddie Mac said Thursday.

That compares to a 30-year FRM of 3.89% a week earlier and 4.74% last year.

Read more of this post

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